The Many Benefits of Muscle Building

Most individuals build muscle for various of reasons, including for general physical strength, power lifting competitions, reducing blood sugar and many more. Some of the benefits include:

Improving of the Immune system – The body’s immune system becomes stronger when you exercise. The body becomes highly resistant to juvenile infections like colds. In the case you get an infection, the rate at which the body heals is faster as compared to an individual who doesn’t exercise. The body builds an increased number of macrophages, cells that attack bacteria which results in quicker healing.

Stronger bones – Lifting weights can be used for bone and joint strengthening especially for the elderly. This in turn aids in their mobility making a 45 year old just as agile as a 25 year old if not more.

Physical endurance – It builds and boosts physical performance. It takes patience and discipline to see this through but it’s worth it in the end. This is because physical exercises can be very tiring and individuals tend to give up too fast. In about 10-12 weeks you will be able to see, feel and appreciate the changes in your body.

Metabolic efficiency – Rigorous exercise will not only make you stronger, but you will be able to burn of calories and fats faster than before. This is because the body has more efficient muscle fibres that consume those fats. This goes a long way in preventing formation of things like an oversized gut.

Decreases diabetes and blood pressure – Type 2 Diabetes chances are considerably reduced, since your body is able to absorb sugars more effectively. The heart is made stronger when you exercise making it pump blood with less effort. If your heart works less, it reduces pressure in the arteries lowering blood pressure.

Reduced risk of injury – Regular exercise builds and balances strength in the muscles around joints. Muscle injuries occur when we overstep our capabilities and in-turn the connective tissues get damaged. However, the more you exercise the stronger they become. Caution should be taken so as to to over stress these ligaments and connective tissues. Every exercise should be done with balance, not too much and not to little.

Stress relieving – Stress actually disrupts the way your body functions and can even cause death in extreme cases. When you exercise regularly the body produces opiates which are natural stress relievers. After a workout, you will tend to feel happier and more satisfied than you were before exercising since your moods have just been lifted.

Increased energy – When you consistently workout, you will notice you are able to do things much more easily. Ordinary things that made you break a sweat like walking up a flight of stairs in a building become a piece of cake. You will be able to handle more,do more than the average person who doesn’t exercise. You might just even start seeing yourself as having a ‘superpower’.

The “Mirror effect” – It might not have been proven in a scientific laboratory somewhere but studies have shown that when you look good you will feel good. It boosts self esteem which goes a long way in helping an individual throughout their lives. You can be,do whatever you want in life just because you look amazing.