Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy life is not just about eating well. It’s not all about sports. A healthy lifestyle is characterized by a balance in all aspects.

As I like to have a global vision of the subjects I cover, “healthy living” is no exception. Indeed, there is no point in having a segmented view of a subject because it does not allow us to see the whole reality of it.
For example, there is no point in focusing solely on seduction techniques to find a girl. If you’re shy, you have to consider the whole thing. We have to find out why we consider ourselves shy, how to change this belief, how to gain self-esteem, how to make our social circle grow, how to increase our charisma and, why not, the techniques of seduction. But they are only a tiny part of the equation. That’s why I’m going to focus today on introducing you to the 5 pillars, in my opinion, of a healthy life.

The food supply

We start strong with the pillar that is most important to me (and you will discover why): food! Especially when you can quickly do anything when you don’t know what to eat.

You can sleep extremely well, have good relationships, play sports… If you eat junk food all day long, it won’t do it, it will destroy your health and energy. It will also be very difficult to have proper physical hygiene!

Would you ever think of putting olive oil in your car to drive? Of course not, of course not! So why do you put sodas and hamburgers in your system? This clogs it and prevents it from working properly!

Let us keep in mind that according to the way we eat and our internal dialogue, we send a very strong message to our unconscious. When we consume junk food, the message sent to our unconscious is the following: “I don’t care about my health, I mistreat my body. »

On the other hand, if we choose a healthy diet, we send the following message to our unconscious: “I take care of my body and my health, I love myself. »

This is why the mere modification of our diet allows us to gain self-esteem. You can’t expect to have a healthy life without changing your diet. Let’s take a closer look at the people who have succeeded in this world in different fields: whether it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, Novak Djokovic or the Obamas, to name just three, they take great care of their lifestyle and in particular their diet (as well as physical activity, we’ll come back to that).

When we adopt a healthy diet, we provide as many essential micronutrients as possible to our body that it needs to function.

If you build an IKEA piece of furniture, it is better to have all the parts to assemble the piece of furniture, and it’s the same with your body!

So, what do we change in our diet?

Concretely, if we follow the paleo model (which I consider to be the most suitable for a majority of people), we modify the following things:

Elimination of industrial products: ready meals, low-end restaurants, fries, processed products (with list of ingredients to be extended), biscuits, fast food,….

Suppression of dairy products: UHT milk, fresh cream, cottage cheese… Except, if desired and tolerated, cheeses and butter (made from raw milk) from animals fed on grass, preferably by selecting goats and sheep rather than cows.
Suppression of cereal products: bread, pasta, brioches, sandwich bread, wheat-based bread, barley, rye, spelt…

Except, if desired and tolerated, basmati rice (or camargue rice), oats, quinoa. Note: Buckwheat is not a cereal and can therefore be consumed since it does not have the disadvantages of cereals.

Suppression of legumes, especially soybeans, except fermented soybeans (which can then be eaten for its benefits): tempeh, miso soup, tamari…

These are roughly the changes that can be made to move towards an “ideal” (which I put in quotation marks because there is no universal ideal, everyone has different needs). In any case, removing these products and focusing on fresh, raw, seasonal and organic quality products is necessarily a good solution.

When I talk about raw products, it is in particular vegetables, fruits, seaweed, herbs, fish, meat and eggs, oilseeds, adding vegetable oils, cocoa, spices… which can be processed a little.

In short, I encourage you to consume as much as possible of everything that is raw, not transformed by man.

Physical Activity

The second pillar, and not the least, is physical activity. This is obvious, and yet the rate of sedentary life is enormous. Worldwide, 3.2 million deaths per year are attributed to physical inactivity. With the explosive cocktail of junk food and sedentary lifestyle, we are witnessing a rapid rise in obesity and all the problems that follow.

If you are on this site, it is because you are already interested in your health and it has the merit to be highlighted, so congratulations! Now, if you don’t play sports, you’ll have to think about it, and no excuse for time.

Everyone has time to take 10 minutes to do skipping rope or any fractionated work (running, kettlebell,…)

I want to tell you that if you think you don’t have time to play sports, it’s because it’s in changing something in your life and reviewing your priorities.

Why? Why? Because there are so many advantages to doing physical activity that it will save you time: energy saving, motivation gain, better self-confidence, better health and therefore less illness….

If you’re smart, you understand what I’m getting at.

If you don’t have enough time to take care of your health, here are several options: throw away your television, sort through your life (relationships, objects,…), get up earlier, learn to manage your time, delegate tasks, delete tasks.
If with this you can’t get out of here 2 hours a day, you’re acting in bad faith 🙂

Don’t be afraid to stop seeing some of the people around you, human beings are in perpetual evolution and it is absolutely NORMAL to change environment little by little, especially when you are in a progression process like a large part of the readers of this site.

I also see sport in the paleo vision I was talking about for food.

What is paleo sport? For me, it’s just using your body the way it’s designed! That is, to be extremely versatile: running, jumping, swimming, pushing, pulling, bending, climbing, hanging (by hands!), squatting, crawling…

If you do all this, you do everything your body is physically programmed for, so you significantly reduce the risk of back pain or developing health problems. Back pain is the prerogative of modern man who remains with his ass screwed on a chair for 8 hours.