How to Get a man to Notice and Desire You

Sometimes in your life, it may happen that there’s this one guy who is always in your mind, the one your heart longs for, and when he ignores you… your heart bleeds of heartbreak. In this article, we will discuss the ancient tried and tested ways that will endear you to the man of your dreams and how his secret obsession will make him start desiring you with passion.

Dress for Attention

If this is a person who is already familiar with you, it may be hard for him to notice your potential of being more than you already are. Catch his attention by:

Wearing clothes that flatter your body – You will want to wear clothes that work on your body and bring out the best in you.

Dress sexy – Wear clothes that will show him what you’ve got, but still leave something to the imagination.

Rock heels – Heels have a flattering effect of making your legs long and thin while making your butt pop. That is a magnet to some guys.

Be Irresistible

By all means, make sure you’re hard for him to ignore.

Act confident – It is important to work on your self-esteem because that will boost your confidence. If you appear confident, only displaying just a few moments of self-conscious vulnerability, men find that sexy, and he will be drawn to you like a moth to light.

When you talk to him show interest – Keep your conversations with him going for as far long as possible. Make sure you’re exciting too. Good conversations are a sure way to make him keep him coming back to you for more.

Create interest in things he likes – When he knows he can be around you and still do the things he enjoys he will want to spend time with you.

Learn how to flirt like a pro

You will need to find a balance doing this because too much flirting with a man will give him the wrong idea.

Touch him – Find reasons to touch his arm or nudge his elbow during your conversations. This will show him that you’re interested and leave him longing for more.

Compliment him – Throw him random compliments, compliments that are just subtle flirting and he will get the idea.

Tease him – You can tease him playfully. Whenever you get the chance be playful with him in a fun way.

If you follow these ways and act like a confident and desirable person, you will easily get that man to desire you.